How Can We Help

Event Registration

Event Registration

From a simple birthday party to a major conference, regardless of the size and scope of your event, we can PROMOTE it and OBTAIN reservation RESPONSES on your behalf. We will even go to the extent of COLLECTING FEEDBACK from the guests after the event is over, providing wholesome end-to-end customer services.

Sell Ticket/ Promote Program

Sell Ticket/ Promote Program

PROMOTE your event or campaign and get it the necessary exposure. Our approach is to SELL your program or tickets online by handling the marketing side of things, exposing it to a wider audience. It doesn’t stop at that; we also COLLECT the program and the participation FEE for you.

Run Your Political Campaign

Run Your Political Campaign

For all your campaign needs including conducting POLLS and SURVEYS, FUNDRAISING, PAYMENT PROCESSING, event organizing, RECRUITING volunteers, etc. - we got you covered! We provide a full spectrum of services guaranteed to give you an edge over your opponents. Our campaign model is solid and can be seamlessly integrated into your campaign website.

Raise Fund for any size organization

Campaign! Campaign

Whatever the nature of your campaign: from RAISING funds for a small local church ORGANIZATION to a big presidential campaign, we are certainly eager to HELP you. With keen attention to details, we will run a flawless campaign for you, using tried and tested methods that are sure to gain you attraction.


  • No Hassel - we will build a custom design form for you - SATISFACTION GUARANTEED
  • Manage and Access from Anywhere
  • Speedy Data Collection
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Integrate with your website or other application
  • Captured Digital Signature
  • Built in Logic

How it Works

Pick a Template

1. Pick a Template

We offer hundreds of templates that are designed to match your various needs and are easy to use. You can also request to have forms built to your specifications which if done within 24 hours of purchasing a template, will be for free.

Create a Campaign

2. Create a Campaign

After filling in the details of your event or campaign as provided for, you can create a campaign of your choice with just a click.


3. Publish

Once you have created your campaign, you can publish it on Facebook and/or Twitter, share it via email and/or text, and can effectively integrate it into your website, making it public to your audience of choice. With the key message communicated across platforms, all you can do now is wait and see the results yielded.

Get Response

4. Get Response

As people react to the call-to-action message and take the initiative of responding, you can keep track of such responses, among other actions taken, by tracking them on the dashboard. This feature gives you an overview of the reception your campaign has received, as well as a tally of the funds donated with time.


5. Analyze

Included in the package is an analytic feature that helps you keep track of the forms and the campaign. We also provide customized reporting that includes statistical analysis of the traffic of your campaign, comparing the statistics and giving options on how to improve the user experience for your audience.